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The Do-it-Yourself Line
This cost effective product allows you to customize items at need. There are a large variety of products available such as stock certificates, four different styles of binders, tabs and more.
Corporate /LLC combo Package include:
  • Binder & Slip Case
  • 10 Standard Wording Stock Certificates
  • Set of Corporate/LLC Tabs
  • Stock Transfer Ledger or Membership Roll Sheets
  • Add Bylaws for 10.00 Extra Per kit

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Name Image Price Description
Thrift Minute Book Binder thrift corporate kit minute book binderthrift corporate kit minute book binder From $16.00

ThriftKit, buy Minute Book Binder
This Vinyl 3 locking "D" ring minute book binder has Incorporation name printed on a gold leaf insert. Inside cover has a pocket to hold additional important papers.
Add a slipcase or minute paper for an additional charge..
VP Kit Minute Book Binder VP corporate kit minute book binderVP minute book binder From $35.50

VP kit, buy Minute Book Binder
This minute book binder is our heavy duty binder. It comes bound with Levant Imitation leather. Embossed in Gold on the front cover is your choice of: "Corporate Records", "Minutes" or "Company Records". On the spine of the binder is a handy Gold Label holder, ideal for customizing your binder at need. Available Colors: Burgundy or Black
King Kit Minute Book Binder King corporate kit minute book binderKing corporate kit minute book binder From $103

King kit, buy minute book binder
Majestic in stature, yet practical in performance. This Black and Burgundy rugged durable Minute Book Binder is designed to last a lifetime with it's extra heavy covers, round spine and triple post binding.

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