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  CorpKit Legal Supplies :: Series LLC


Series LLC is a special formation where you have a Master LLC and Subsidiary LLC’s under the master. Currently, Delaware, Nevada, Illinois, Iowa, Oklahoma and Tennessee allow this type of entity. We currently have the Delaware& Nevada LLC kits available with the other states to follow in the first half of 2010. Kit includes the operating agreement for both the Master and subsidiary entities, membership unit or interest certificates and a seal (if needed) for the master and subsidiaries.


* Articles

* Operating Agreement

* Minutes

* Certificates

* Membership Listing

* IRS Documents-Forms

If your LLC Company has more than two subsidiary in the company,or if your kit style is not shown, please call us at 888-888-9120 or fill out the information at comments section which is located at the button of the order form. You also can email us at . All of our kits can be made for Series LLC.
Each kit includes tabs labeled master and subsidiary as shown below.

Series LLC

  Series LLC
 Thrift Kit Series LLC
 Corpkit Series LLC kits
 Precise Kit Series LLC kits


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