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Notarial Seals (gold blank for embossers)

          Notarial Seals (gold blank for embossers)
blank gold seal paper, notary gold seal

Embossing Corporate Seal Stickers

Gold or Silver Notarial Seals (blank for all embossers)

Corporate, Notary Gold or Silver Seals.
Each sheet contains 20 Gold or Silver Notarial Seals. Our Self Adhesive Notarial Seals will dress up any Stock Certificate or Document. Just use your corporate seals or Notary seals to emboss the gold or silver sticker. They can be used by either pre-embossing the Gold or Silver Notarial Seal with your corporate seal or by placing directly on the Stock Certificate or Document and then embossing for a more distinguished look. Customarily the gold or Silver notarial seals were used by a Notary Public to dress up a document that they needed to emboss. Now many of our customers like to use the gold or silver seals when the use with their corporate embossers to emboss stock certificates. You will make a lasting impression with your clients if you are using the gold notarial seal for a notary stamp or a corporate seal.

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