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Rectangular Pocket Notary Seal and Pouch

         Rectangular Pocket Notary Seal and Pouch
1 5/8" Embossing Notary Seal

The world's most popular rectangular seal presses offer unprecedented quality and durability. This redesigned Pocket model now has greater strength and leverage. The model 1S-N has become a favorite with notaries because of its compact size and high leverage which gives you clean, crisp impressions on most paper stocks.

* Name of notary must be typed in the way that it will appear on the Notary Seal.
** Expiration, County, and Notary Number are not required in all States.
*** If you fill out the section for Expiration, County & Notary Number CorpKit will place these items on your seal. If you are unsure please call CorpKit or type in the comments section of the order form that you would like to only use items required by your State.
We can not make notary seal for California notaries.
SKU RectS-N  
Weight 1.00 lbs
* Name of Notary
State of Notary
** Expiration Year
** Expiration Month
** Expiration Day
** County of Notary
** Notary Number
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